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What To Wear: SXSW Music Looks for Less

After a successful week at SXSW Interactive, the techies are clearing out to make way for the hottest names in music. Thousands of local and international bands will be hitting stages (and sidewalks) all over Austin to show off their skills while agents and managers look for the next big SXSW success story.

For those of us who aren’t so musically inclined, we’ll be making an impression from the front row in fashion. Check out the trendy attire discovered by the Street Team:

Almost anything goes at SXSW, but our favorite pieces are those that combine form and function.  For women, choose an edgy-but-airy tee and pair with an oversized bag to stash your free swag. Guys: Pick up a pair of Vibran FiveFingers to sprint from show to show without flagging down a pedicab. We expect to see everyone repping the red, white and blue, so get in on the trend with some patriotic accessories.

1. Patriotic Hat, Urban Outfitters 2. Pendant Necklace, 3. Vibran FiveFinger Shoes, 6pm 4. Denim Buttondown, 5. Neon Sunglasses, 6. Studded Hobo Bag, 7. Skull Tank, 8. Cowboy Boots,



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