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SXSW Party Hopping with Flavorpill, CUSP by Neiman Marcus and GSD&M

One may think that for a crew that covers events throughout the year that SXSW – a week teeming with parties – would have us revving up to warp speed. Quite the opposite; slow and steady is the mantra. With that in mind, a party with ‘sanctuary’ in the name seemed about our pace to kick things off.

Crowds we’re already wrapping around AMOA-Arthouse when we arrived at the #FEED House and we mistakenly waited and mingled in line. Apparently, the wait was for the Twitter Summit on the second floor – our destination was the Flavorpill Sanctuary. Traveling through the floors filled with tech gadgets, phone-syncing wall tiles and array of tchotchkes, we landed on the roof, which felt miles away.

Palm trees, white lounges and juice bars lined the urban oasis. Instead of typical SXSW mixed drinks and finger foods, the healthy smorgasbord featured herbal infused drinks, KIND bars and organic PB&Js. In the center of it all, the CRUNCH Gyms New York crew Rachel and Kristen were there to hype the crowd by teaching their Hip-Hop Jams class 2Fly.

So naturally, we joined in. On a scale of 1 to 10, my skills maxed out at a 4, but I did master shaking them haters off.

With the transition from day to night, we switch from our LuLu into more stylish duds for the CUSP by Neiman Marcus soiree. Romantic and sophisticated, the party was a welcomed retreat from the chaos on the nearby streets of the Convention Center.

The corporate team from Dallas custom made the long, candlelit white tables that graced the Wanderlust yoga studio.Guests in the mood to try the new CUSP line could buy onsite at the pop-up shop.

Final stop on the tour de SXSWi was the lawn party/music showcase/trailer food tasting GSD&M Industry Party. There seemed to be thousands of guests spanning throughout the GSD&M complex in the offices, grand lawn and lounges, but it never felt packed.

Music from Reggie Watts and Delta Spirit were the highlights, but the surprising entertainment attraction was the giant ball pit pool. Yes, you heard that right. An above ground pool filled to the rim with plastic balls and naturally people literally dove right in.

Written by Laura Villagran Johnson

Co-Founder and Creative Director,
Austin Social Planner

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