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RECAP: Formula 1 My Yacht Party

It was the much anticipated weekend for some and much dreaded for others. Though we didn’t make it out to the track this year, we did make it downtown to a varied assortment of parties. First things first, we had to manage to get downtown, which had promised to be a feat in and of itself.

It seems the hype of the “carpocalypse” was just that. If anything, traffic was especially light for a weekend evening and parking – though significantly higher priced in most lots – was readily available.

Once on foot, the streets did have a certain energy that can only be fueled by sight of rare and fine cars zooming by and parked on what seemed to be every street corner. Case in point was the exotic McLaren parked outside the W Austin. The McLaren team partied outside on the TRACE terrace, but the gawking for guests walking by was reserved for the car.

Just a few blocks away at Ballet Austin, My Yacht‘s 3-day VIP nightclub kicked-off the weekend with an invite-only cocktail hour celebrating I Live Here, I Give Here – percentage of sales for the weekend were donated to the non-profit. Guests arrived to what else but a line of new and vintage Lamborghinis and a glowing orb with the sponsor logo … just in case you were unsure.

Inside, Patrón was the drink of the hour. Ladies donned white racing suits and showcased the evenings varied ways to consume the luxury tequila. A margarita fountain cascading spirits, infused cake pops and frozen Patrón popsicles were all a hit, but the cocktail wall stole the show.

Take a taste, make a drink or mix a few for your own concoction. The same drinks were available at the many Patrón branded bars, but where’s the fun in that?

When the cocktail hour ended, doors opened to the Austin Ventures stage which was transformed to a European-style nightclub. Here Comte De Mazeray had its American debut to much orchestrated fanfare.  What else would one expect from a luxury champagne who’s most notable distinction is its flecks of 24 karat gold in each bottle?

‘Golden Girls,’ decked out in gold head-to-toe, presented each bottle as it entered the room – raised high with sparklers following and to the triumphant tune of the Superman March.  All-in-all, it was definitely an evening set to a different tune than Austin is used to, but it’s always good to shake things up while supporting a local cause.

Written by Laura Villagran Johnson

Co-Founder and Creative Director,
Austin Social Planner

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