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RECAP: Feed The Peace Awards

The worlds of music, film, art, and philanthropy collided in a most beautiful way on February 9 as The Nobelity Project gave out its 2014 Feed The Peace Awards during a sold-out gala dinner at the Four Seasons Austin.

Founded by power couple Christy and Turk Pipkin, The Nobelity Project supports education, health, and conservation initiatives around the world. They’ve built schools and libraries in Kenya, founded a bookmobile in Honduras, and planted trees in Bastrop following the devastating wildfires.


Recipients of the 2014 awards were John Paul and Eloise DeJoria, and musician Ben Harper. A special video appearance by Ringo Starr was a highlight of the evening and got the crowd tittering with excitement on what was the 50th anniversary of The Beatles first appearance on American television.


After dinner, Turk Pipkin oversaw what has to be the most efficient live auction we’ve witnessed in a long time. Quick and to the point, they spoke of funding projects rather than extravagant trips abroad and vacation homes in the mountains. These guys really walk the walk…and for that we say kudos!


*photos courtesy of The Nobelity Project


Written by Kevin Smothers

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