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EVENT PREVIEW: Sandra Spalding Talks About the UMLAUF Garden Party Experience

Thursday, April 28th marks the 25th anniversary of the indomitable UMLAUF Garden Party. Taking a stroll through the magical grounds of the sculpture park and museum at night — while sipping and tasting delicious drinks and bites — is quite easily one of the loveliest evenings you can spend in our fair city.

In anticipation of tomorrow night’s festivities, we took a moment to chat with Sandra Spalding, the director of marketing and events for Twin Liquors, a longtime supporter of this event and the UMLAUF. Hear an insider’s take, then come out and enjoy a night among the trees.

We started by asking Sandra what it is about this event that makes it such a standout evening? “We love that this was one of the first sip & strolls in Austin and is still going strong! It’s such a beautiful setting and the food is always wonderful!”


Here are Five Fun Facts about The Garden Party, according to Sandra:

  1. TEXAS WORTHY: On Thursday night, we will serve over 10,000 bites, pour 3,000 tastes of wine and beer, shake up over 1,000 cocktails, celebrate with the largest cake in Texas and a hold a Champagne toast for 800 people.
  2. TWIN LIQUORS: Twin Liquors has been involved with the Garden Party since its inception. When we first got involved, Twin was very excited about the idea of adding a wine tasting component to a fabulous event.
  3. ON WINE PAIRING: You can pair red, white, rosé or sparkling wine with any dish. Despite what people say about white with fish or red with meat, you really should pair a wine’s weight with a dish. So … if it’s a heavy dish, pair a full bodied red or white and with a light dish, pair a lighter bodied red or white.
  4. WHEN IN DOUBT: Get bubbly! Champagne and sparkling wine pair well with all kinds of fare.
  5. NEW THIS YEAR: Canned beer offerings from Oskar Blues & Cham-pong by Gruet. What is Cham-pong, you ask? Well, come to the Garden Party to find out!

Thanks, Sandra … you had us at Cham-pong.

The 25th Umlauf Garden Party takes place at the UMLAUF Sculpture Garden & Museum on Thursday, April 28th from 6:30pm-9:30pm. Event day tickets are available at the door.


Written by Kevin Smothers

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