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Event Recap: La Dolce Vita

I must admit – I was a first-timer for this event, but I very quickly saw the error of my ways. Everything about La Dolce Vita is pure perfection.

The setting is on the Austin Museum of Arts‘ immaculate Laguna Gloria museum in west Austin. The venue is a prime location for weddings in Austin, but the food and wine event really makes the space shine.

Tents lined the winding walkways, each filled with bites from local eateries and sampling from local vineyards.  Guests were asked to drop colored stones at their favorite tent of the evening, and we must agree that Steiner Ranch Steakhouse was hard to beat. They were serving lobster macaroni and cheese, and they did it well. Who can really compete with that?

Recommendations of “what to try next” were the highlight of conversation, as well as the many Fiats scattered on the grounds. Fiat was the lead sponsor of the event.

The crowd was filled with a diverse mix of Austin all having a great time and there for the same thing … the love of food and the sweet life.

Full disclosure: Kevin Smothers, Co-Founder of Austin Social Planner, played a big hand in the planning of this event. To him, the chair, committee, AMoA staff and all vendors involved, we say bravo! It was a spectacular evening … and we would say that even if we didn’t love you all.

Written by Laura Villagran Johnson

Co-Founder and Creative Director,
Austin Social Planner

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